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We believe in a sustainable social enterprise model to encourage positive improvements for our community.

About Us

At GlobalWell, we believe in social enterprise model as the business initiatives and solutions to encourage positive improvements on social education, sustainable environment, as well as social healthcare. To do this, we join hand with a team of professionals from different fields who are genuinely committed to the model. As we come together, we conceive, create and develop projects with sustainable means for our social vision.

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What We Do

  • We promote an opened social enterprise culture where new ideas can flourish.

  • We promote global wellness through our commitment and dedication to our social mission.

  • We promote and bring about delivery of our passions in various project missions.

We are concerned about the following:

  • Social Education

  • Sustainable Environment

  • Social Healthcare

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Our Social Endeavours

The Things That We Are Passionate About

Social Education

Education is being considered an essential factor for a positive personnel as well as leadership development . Hence, we are establishing a training platform offering courses covering basis of hand skills and learning lessons as we wish to inspire the younger generation. We will have the opportunity to fulfill and help develop their potential in all aspects of skills, knowledge, as well as good values and leadership.

How We Envision It

Helping underprivileged children and youth by providing them with proper education and training so that they will be able to succeed in life while contributing back to the society.

Why Are We Doing It

To present a nurturing and conducive growth environment suitable for promotion of skills, knowledge and character development in the younger generation.

The Objectives

  • To support and practice critical thinking as well as skills training

  • To practice the values and appreciation towards family, education, community, cultural as well as environment.

  • To serve as and support an outreach platform for youth to train and develop their career paths under tutelage of professionals

Social Healthcare

Listening and paying attention down to the minor details, we express the way of healthcare through our attitude and beliefs in practicing health awareness and consciousness. Through our social model, we research and develop programme that incorporates the harmonious blend of both traditional and modern medical concepts. Objectively, our primarily concern are improving the awareness of healthcare and disease prevention.

How We Envision It

To create awareness in health consciousness and practices of both traditional as well as modern treatments.

Why We Are Doing It

We believe that prevention is the best way to ensure a better healthcare platform for our community. Hence, we hope to practice and support more awareness being raised in lieu of our healthcare concerns.

The Objectives

  • To improve healthcare awareness

  • To engage in R&D of innovative healthcare practices/treatments

  • To raise awareness in healthcare and proper prevention measures.

Sustainable Environment

Given the clear link between environment and health, all of us realize the importance of our responsibilities to encourage a greener environment. Together with like-minded people, we participate in green projects related to environmental issues.

How We Envision It

A social enterprise involves in the development and implementation of green innovations in the area of environmental concerns.

Why We Are Doing It

We have the belief and passion to practice better green initiatives through implementation of environmental-friendly technologies.

The Objectives

  • To practice and encourage green initiatives for the environment

  • To improve the current quality of our environment and ecosystem.

  • To serve as and support a green platform in preserving, conserving and restoring our environment.

Core Values

The power of envisioning will carry us forward to our vision with sustainable means.


1) Social Healthcare

Create awareness in health consciousness and promote better living styles, in addition to innovating on healthcare treatment and prevention.

2) Social Education

Focus on providing skills training program and certificates in various fields for those who need the most.

3) Sustainable Environment

Improving and creating a better place for everyone to live in, while preserving the biodiversity and nature.


We are Committed and Trustworthy

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